Body Hair Removed ... By Trained & Certified Technicians

Do you have Unwanted Body  hair?  Do you wish to enjoy long-lasting smooth skin?

  • Performed by trained and certified Technicians
  • Our Technicians are medically supervised
  • Clean modern medical facilities
  • State of the art equipment
  • Completely safe and affordable

Unwanted Body Hair Removal - If you answered yes to both those questions, here's your chance to say goodbye to unwanted body hair, farewell to razors and hello to smooth skin. With a Laser Hair Removal treatment from Medispa at Gates Medical Centre, that's guaranteed to save you time, money, and a lifetime of worry about shaving. Our trained and certified technicians are masters in the process of using lasers to remove unwanted body hair.


Are You Tired and Frustrated with shaving back & body hair

It seems that every day, we receive enquiries from men looking for alternative solutions to shaving and waxing back hair turn to Ideal Image for answers. Body hair removal for men is the most popular service among our male patients, in some cases change their lives for the better. Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted back hair. It's an excellent gift even for yourself, Imagine looking forward to taking off your shirt, believe us when we say your wife or girlfriend will thank you! Best of all, a fullback hair removal procedure is completed in an hour. 


are Removing Unwanted Chest Hair avilable for men and women?

Some men prefer a very smooth hairless chest appearance, while others wish to thin some of the unwanted chest hair. Whatever the result you're after, we will customise the treatment to remove unwanted chest hair effectively. In approximately 30 minutes you will have a look you desire. 

It is also very common for women to have some stray hairs in this area. For this, and nipple hair removal, we'll discretely remove these hairs quickly and easily. We have solutions for both Men and Women, if unwanted ahir is bothersome ask we'll be sure to find a solution!


do you have information on Abdominal Hair Removal?

oth men and women may experience excessive abdominal hair. Stomach hair removal is fast and straightforward. Once you've completed your treatments, you'll never have to worry about embarrassing hair again. Instead, you will see a smooth, great looking stomach.

Interestingly there is a little-known secret of the stars whereby they undergo a particular and selective laser hair removal procedure that creates the abdomen with an illusion of a six-pack. The remaining hair is given a "V-shape" thus providing the perception of having a toned abdominal region. On the other hand, you may already have a firm set of abs, but do not want them hidden by unwanted hair.

Females commonly have what's known as a "happy trail" which is a line of hair extending from the navel down to the top of the bikini line. Many times this area is combined with the bikini area and treated at the same time..