Underarm Hair Removed ... By Trained & Certified Technicians

Do you have unwanted underarm hair?  Do you long  to enjoy long-lasting smooth skin?

  • Performed by trained and certified Technicians
  • Our Technicians are medically supervised
  • Clean modern medical facilities
  • State of the art equipment
  • Completely safe and affordable

Unwanted Underarm and Arm Hair Removal - If you answered yes to both those questions, here's your chance to say goodbye to unwanted underarm hair, farewell to razors and hello to smooth skin. With a Laser Hair Removal treatment from Medispa at Gates Medical Centre, that's guaranteed to save you time, money, and a lifetime of worry about shaving. Our trained and certified technicians are masters in the process of using lasers to remove unwanted underarm hair.



Have you ever experienced the frustration of unwanted underarm hair, or forgetting to shave before a special event? Its a situation many women have suffered more than once, imagine for a moment what it would be like to never ever again worry about shaving your underarms. With underarm laser hair removal, you're given the freedom to step into whatever you're most comfortable wearing without worrying about unsightly hair.

The underarm hair removal  procedure takes minutes, and from that moment on, you'll have no more need to shave, or wax. No more worrying about ingrown hairs, cysts or unsightly and painful razor burn. No more five o'clock shadow. Best of all after your initial consultation, the procedure takes minutes to perform


Are You Bothered by Unsightly Arm Hair?

Are you experiencing, embarrassed, or are bothered by the presence of arm hair? The procedure of laser hair removal is performed using one of two types of Health Canada approved laser wands depending on the colour of your hair. After an initial free consultation, treatments are quick and relatively painless and can usually be completed over a lunch or dinner hour.


Who Performs Laser Hair Removal?

Let no one tell you different laser hair removal is a medical procedure. It should be performed in a medical environment, at Medispa at The Gates Medical Centre, All Laser Hair Removal treatments are performed by one of our Cutera trained, certified and medically supervised technicians.

Convinced or Interested? Then why not book a complimentary consultation with one of our trained technicians, ready, able and willing to answer every question imaginable, together we'll help you make the best choice for your arm hair removal goals.