Laser treatments for men


Laser treatments are used for various areas on the face and body. As well as, for hair removal. They are highly effective and give amazing results when done by a qualified and experienced professional.

What Type Of Lasers Are Used

Laser treatments are used for various modalities on the skin and body. As well as, for hair removal. They are highly effective and give amazing results when done by a qualified and experienced professional. We asked one of our  skin experts to explain what exactly laser is, in “layman’s” terms?This may sound pretty scary to some of you. However, rest assured that these devices are more refined than those used for industrial purposes or to cut metal. Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emitted Radiation, sound like a mouthful, but is in essence simply just light. Different lasers have different strengths of light. The light used is projected through various mediums such as crystals, lenses, CO2 gas, dye or Erbium and as a result, they emit a very specific wavelength of light. This light can then be adapted to treat a variety of skin conditions.

Points To Consider Prior to Laser Treatments

To work with a laser requires a very specific skill set and expertise and it takes a lot of training to master. Often we hear the people have had laser treatments and it did not work. Health factors such as hormones, hereditary and genetics also influence your results. 

Here are the minimum guidelines you should consider when it comes to any form of laser treatment:

  • Medical-grade lasers guarantee the best results, these lasers are specifically designed to target and effectively remove pigmentation, scarring, sun damage and hairs safely with fewer sessions. Medical Lasers penetrate deeper to target the area being treated.
  • Experienced, confident therapists. Highly trained and experienced therapists will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from each and every one of your sessions. Safety and comfort are always a top priority.
  • Book a course of treatments 6-8. You will not have 100% success after one or two treatments, it takes multiple treatments to ensure the results you desire, this may also vary from one person to the next.
  • Take a glance at your face today, do you see brown/red spots, moles, skin tags or unwanted hair? Good news there is a laser to remove, fix or at least vastly improve it.

Popular Laser Treatments For Men

By far the following is a list of the most popular laser treatments among our male patients:

  • hair removal
  • ingrown beard hair
  • neck hair removal
  • treat broken veins and capillaries
  • repair sun damage and premature ageing
  • refine pores and skin texture

Winter is the ideal time to tackle unwanted and unsightly issues without interference from the sun. Book today to get an assessment, and make the decision to give your skin a little non-surgical rejuvenation.

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